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My earliest memories of music and the joy it can bring is my father playing the accordion when I was a kid. I was just fascinated by it. It was always a special time when he played for us kids. It inspired me to learn how to play the piano.  

Live Life in Song

I started out on upright bass and piano in the 3rd grade and ended up with an electric guitar by 9th grade. I was voted "Most Talented" of my high school senior class for playing the piano. I received a scholarship and headed to VCU. Graduated college and a few years later started Metro Sound in 1991 and never looked back.

Be Inspired by Everything

It's cool to be able to do something you love as a kid as a career as an adult. Vintage guitars have always been something I just have always been fascinated with. Running a music store for nearly 30 years has its perks too. I still love hooking up an electric guitar and letting it rip!  


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