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 Metro Sound and Music is more than just a music store, it is a fully functioning, accessible rehearsal complex as well!  Our rehearsal spaces are large and very comfortable as well as being sound proofed.  For all spaces, please contact in advance for availability.


Phone:  (804) 643-7125

Monthly Lease (Terms and Conditions apply) - $250/Month with 1 year lease agreement
Living in the city, it can be difficult to find a place for your band to jam without having the neighbors and/or authorities beating down your door.  Our monthly rehearsal spaces will solve that problem for you, plus your space is yours alone—you will not have to worry about sharing or conflicting with the schedule of another band, and you can rest assured that your gear will be safe and secured.

Hourly Rental (Terms and Conditions apply) - $25/1st Hour, $20/each additional hour w/3 hour minimum purchase
If your passing through the Richmond area and need a spot to work out that new song for the next gig, we got you covered.  Our hourly rehearsal room is spacious and fully equipped with a PA system, 2 mics, 1 guitar amp, 1 bass amp, and a drum set (please bring your own cymbals)—but feel free to bring your own gear as well.  If more equipment is need for your rehearsal, we offer a variety of amps, keyboards, and mics for rent at an additional charge (see our Equipment Rentals page for details).

Coming Soon:  Metro Sound’s Deluxe Rehearsal Studio! 

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